When did she grow up?

This has been an adventure so far, phew! Now Kayla is the one with all the answers, hahahaha. She (Kayla) is painstakingly trying to show someone (me) who is negative tech savvy how to use google hangout, create an account on this wordpress business and get motivated to do something outside of my comfort zone.

I long for the days before smart phones. When people just had to wait to see me in person or until I got home to speak to me. Now I am letting the world or the 3 people (including me and Kayla) who have looked at the blog thus far what we are planning. Not sure how I feel about this. This rant is enough for my first time out.

Even though I am complaining, I am looking forward to celebrating my sweet daughter’s life and our relationship. Here is to this quarter century celebration!



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