Mama & Kayla 25th year celebration.

So, this is my second post. I have had to text Kayla a few times to try to figure it out. I finally figured out how to get a picture from my phone to the computer but am not quite sure how I will put it on this computer. I already upset my husband because I became impatient (hysterical) as he patiently tried to help. I think we are getting divorced. I hope that our only follower appreciates this effort.

To celebrate my daughter’s life and our relationship we are going to take a trip. She has listed some possible activities for the trip so here are some of the things that I enjoy doing with my free time are:

  • spending time with my children
  • antiquing
  • thrifting
  • facial time
  • hanging out with my dogs
  • making something beautiful with my hands
  • watching some good TV or cinema
  • enjoying a basketball game (in person)
  • eating something delicious

I would love to go somewhere we can do something we enjoy, something new and exciting, eat great food, and spend time appreciating each other.


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