Vegas Eats

So, I am still married and my daughter may not be speaking to me. I just experienced what seemed like an hour of yelling at her on a video call. Turns out my sweet daughter did not hear all the angry things that I was yelling until I accidentally un-muted the call.  Note to self: remember when you have muted someone because her show is bugging you while you are trying to blog… Maybe she’ll forgive me after I post this???

After a brief meltdown, a small band-aid for my ego and a sincere apology to my daughter, I am off and blogging. This time I want to check out a few of the websites that talk about different places to eat in Vegas. It seems that Vegas is an exciting place for a twenty something; so, we will give it a whirl. Maybe this 40 something can have some fun too, hahaha.

I am going to check out the following:


China Poblano is a Chinese/Mexican fusion. The chef’s name is José Andrés. The Yelp rating is 3.5 and TripAdvisor rates it a 4. I like both Mexican food and Chinese so a fusion menu sounds delicious. One of the reviews I read mentioned a tasting menu? That sounds like it is right up my hungry alley!


Studio B is at the top of the list on this website for buffets. It is affordable for brunch/lunch during weekdays, according to the author. It is located at M Resort. They will send you 2 or more free buffet coupons every month if you sign up for their players club. There is free beer, a good variety of food, and the author kept emphasizing how affordable it is. We will keep this in mind as we try to stretch our dollar.


Crepe Expectations is a place that serves burgers hahaha. I LOVE CREPES!! This place has both sweet and savory crepes. Google rates it as a 4.7, while Yelp and Trip Advisor rate it a 4.5. This is definitely somewhere that we would visit if we decide to go to Vegas. CREPES!!!!!!

Those Guys Pies is a pizza joint. I really thought it was going to be dessert pies. They rate a 4 on both Trip Advisor and Yelp. I think we could try the Shroom pizza? It has good reviews. The pizza has mushrooms, garlic and goat cheese. You can buy a 14 inch for $17.


Ace Donuts serves really good doughnuts. I looked at the photos and want to go there on one of the mornings while in Vegas. No reviews necessary.

Rosallie is a French cafe. The place scored a 5 on Trip Advisor and Facebook gave it a 4.8.  This place has a variety of coffee, quiches and sandwiches. I happen to love all three. We may have to try this place.

Goodwich is another sandwich place. I really like sandwiches. I don’t know if my daughter will appreciate sandwiches and doughnuts the whole time we are in Vegas.
(pig o’the week is recommended)





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