Point of Interest: Portland, OR

From my $2000 budget, the flight currently costs $323 from my house and $470 from my mom’s house. That leaves $1677 for me and $1533 for mama.
I noticed that the hotels in Portland are pricey so I started looking at AirBnB and found that the cost of staying ranges from $500-1000 for the duration of our trip. Leaving $1200 for me and $1000 for mama. Meaning we can splurge on our spa day.
  • Rumi Simone this one is my top choice because of the amount of services that they offer. They have multiple day spa packages ranging from $295-520.
  • Dosha offers two different day spa packages from $190-335, which means that we can get add ons. The day long package also offers makeup application for a night on the town.
Paid Activities:
  • DIY Bar is something I am very excited about, I love crafting and making things, and love the chance where mama and I can bond and create something. Each project costs $39 and takes from 1 to 3 hours to create.
  • Kennedy Soaking Pool is a soaking experience where we can relax, have a drink, and swim. I love being in water.
  • Portland Mercado is a market place of diversity, we will be able to eat delicious food from around Latin America and buy some unique trinkets.
  • Portland Aerial Tram will be a sight for us to see Portland in a different way, in the air! We will be able to get a round trip pass for $4.70.
Free-ish activities that I’m looking forward to are:
 I am so ready to visit Portland and make some memories.

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